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Instructor: Branden Taylor

Owner and Founder of Taylor Defense Academy

Branden is a physical security expert and the Chief firearms instructor for Taylor Defense Academy, he enjoys sharing the skills he has learned and continues to learn throughout his career. Branden has many years of experience teaching his programs and has successfully taught thousands of individuals. 

Instructor: William Gill

William is a Certified firearms instructor, he currently holds a status of Chief instructor. 

William has been a coach for many years and enjoys teaching the fundamentals to his students 

Instructor: Brian Taylor

Brian is a Certified firearms Instructor, he currently holds a status a chief Instructor. Brian has an extensive background in security applications, Brian has been teaching Taylor Defense Curriculum for a few years and has taught many students the basics of firearms.

Assistant: Justin Cunningham 
Justin is currently pursuing his instructor Certification. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge that he obtained during his military deployments. 

Akron /Canton/Cleveland/Youngstown/Toledo